I’ve gotten better since then. But you’ll see that the key result is actually actionable feedback. If I can get her a draft I will have a result: actionable feedback. I’ll be honest, sometimes I have to add more to the sentence to try to find out what the result is. So when you write a key result, ask yourself “so what.” If I write enough of a draft, I’ll have feedback to move forward.
Then I ask myself: what kind of feedback? I want actionable.

This is a good way to start making better Key Results until it becomes a habit.

Let’s take “ Key Result 1: Eat at restaurants fewer than 2 times per week”

Why do that? So I can better measure what I eat. So my KR is “ be able to know what I’m putting in my body” So what? “I want to eat the recommended diet” So what? “So my BMI changes” “So my blood pressure goes up”

You just have to stay at it until you get to a result. Practice is key! :D

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