Me too, but I think it’s a bad idea for both of us.

From Pitch Perfect

“President Obama’s debate team set up shop in Las Vegas and was primed for some rigorous prep sessions. There was just one problem. Their star pupil wasn’t terribly engaged. He cut short one practice session for a trip to Hoover Dam and passed on watching video of Mitt Romney’s performance in debates against his Republican rivals. After a couple of days of this troubling trend, David Axelrod, the president’s chief campaign advisor, spoke up. He told Obama that he was concerned that he didn’t seem focused and that his rehearsals lacked intensity. The president’s response was “Don’t worry, I’m a game-time player. I’ll be there at game time.” Well, we all know that the self-proclaimed game-time player shot nothing but air balls during that first debate. By all accounts — liberal and conservative — Obama didn’t just lose the first debate against Romney, he got shellacked. His poor performance made his lead in the polls evaporate overnight, and as a result, he spent the rest of the campaign trying to undo the damage.”

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