“Should designers code” is too nebulous to be debated.

What do we mean by code? Html? Javascript? Python? Database design?

What do we mean by code? Learn to code? Do the front-end coding? Do all the coding (at which they aren’t a designer, they’re half a startup.)

Architects learn to pour concrete, then never touch the stuff again. Painter’s learn to stretch canvas, then avoid it. Every bit of code I learned made me smarter as a designer and as a teammate.

But every minute I spent coding at work was time I didn’t have to go deep on design, and was an expensive task-switch. Sometimes I got smarter about how the , but mostly I didn’t have as much time to figure out a suitable or innovative solution.

Designer should learn their materials, be it css or algorithms. They should code as much as the team size & needs requires.

More importantly, bosses should know whatever savings they are getting by hiring one person who can design and code, they are losing in quality & speed of work.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong, but so many tradeoffs.

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Designing business, and the business of design. www.eleganthack.com

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