The Goal Fits the Team

Beyond the Usual OKR approach

Eisenhower Matrix

Exploratory OKRs

In the early days of TeaBee, Hannah is trying to convince Jack to explore Restaurant Suppliers as a potential Market. Exploratory OKRs could have made that run more smoothly.
Later Hannah and Jack decide they will commit to exploring the restaurant supplier target market. But when will they know it’s working, orif they need to pivot?

Hypothesis OKRs

When you have a big initiative, you need to set milestone OKRs: outcomes you want to hit to reduce risk for projects that take multiple quarters. That way you can shift your strategy if something isn’t working.

Milestone OKRs: Outcome-Based Milestones

Nothing is more intoxicating that a team that’s making real measurable impact in the world.

OKRs Are Always About Outcomes

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